Ingenieurbüro Quirin Kraus​
Ingenieurbüro Quirin Kraus​
Ingenieurbüro Quirin Kraus​

The engineering consulting Quirin Kraus (IBQK) in Schleswig-Holstein offers services in the field of terrestrial laser scanning, as well as the development of customized scanning solutions. This includes the flexible evaluation of point clouds and geodata for various purposes. These methods are suitable, for example, for slope monitoring, order and ablation determination, distance measurement or for production monitoring.

Terrestrisches Laserscanning TLS

Terrestrial laser scanning is an efficient and accurate surveying technique for capturing 3D terrain data. It is used in mining and the construction industry to generate detailed terrain models.

With a range (Riegl VZ 1000) of 1200 m and professional evaluation software, the following problems, among others, can be solved:

  • Inventory measurement, stocktaking (e.g. bulk materials)

  • slope monitoring

  • Route surveying

  • Geological modeling

  • Creation of terrain models

  • Shotcrete layer thickness measurement

  • Production monitoring

  • Reverse engineering

Evaluation of point cloud data / geodata

The evaluation service of IBQK includes the pure evaluation of point clouds or geodata. For this purpose, these do not have to be captured, but can be created in different ways. For example by means of Airborn Laser Scanning or image flight. Due to the existing special software and experience of IBQK in the field of evaluation of point clouds and geodata, different and flexible evaluation purposes can be carried out.

IBQK offers the following services in this course:

  • Register point cloud data to each other (Point Cloud Matching)

  • Filter point cloud data

  • Create terrain models (triangulate)

  • Ablation / order determination (mining, open pit, beach)

  • Volume determination

  • Route determination

If you cannot find your application area, please feel free to ask.


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